What to Do In Cuba and How To Become A “Cubano”

What to do in Cuba
What to do in Cuba

Curious about what to do in Cuba? You have come to the right place. Learn how to become a “Cubano” and all about the attractions there.

If you think about it, Cuba is a traditional place that does not require a special presentation. It is definitely worth your visit, as you will enter into the different world. Cuba offers a lot of attractions, luxury and traditional meals that will steal your attention. But today, learn what to do in Cuba, more about the Cuba beaches and the rest. In particular, here are some more incentives to take a trip to this country presented below.

What to do in Cuba

What to do in Cuba

Cuba differs than the rest metropolitan cities, and this is why it has a lot of tourists throughout the year. It definitely offers the amazing opportunity to rest and explore the amazing piece of Earth. What perhaps triggers most of the travelers (including me) is the Baroque stylized architecture and yet colorful stores that offer a new mix up. There is no other place like this, so I will reveal you what to do in Cuba and places to visit in Cuba.

What to do in cuba

Places to Visit in Cuba

Cuba withstands because of its own and outside the excellent modifications. The exteriors of the houses and structures in their historical communities, particularly in Havana, the museum cars circulating, the stores, everything appears to have been frozen. Possibly all of that makes it look gray, with some melancholy. But it is the individuals of Cuba who are responsible for bringing joy to each moment and circumstance till they become infected. Next, I bring you the places to visit in Cuba and what to do in Cuba.

Cuba Beaches

Cuba beaches are definitely worth your time, and they belong to the group of top most beautiful beaches in the world. Verdadero is the tourist mecca of Cuba. It has 22 kilometers of white sand and blue-green emerald sea that is difficult to resist. This is particularly because of the luxury hotels placed on the side, which offer impeccable service and delicious meals.

What to do in Cuba What to do in Cuba

But the appeals of Cuba are not limited to Varadero. There are Cuba beaches like Santa Maria. These are desolate beaches with a sea that look like a swimming pool. Also there are quiet villages beside a substantial coastline complete with special corners. When residing there, make sure you do not miss these amazing Cuba beaches.

Discover colonial cities frozen in time

Trinidad, in central Cuba, is an example of exactly what would be a Caribbean colonial town. Founded nearly 500 years earlier, the city of Trinidad, or Rental property de la Santísima Trinidad, is possibly among the very best colonial jewels in all of America recognized as a World Heritage Site.


It’s patched streets, its exteriors, normal roofings, and balconies, its museums, are numerous needs to get to understand it. But nothing will bewitch you as your proud and cheerful individuals ready to talk and to spread happiness. Trinidad is a journey back in time to the colonial age, within a country that is currently a journey back in time. A wonderful journey unmissable inside Cuba and which should be on your list of places to visit in Cuba and what to do in Cuba.

Cuban coffee

The coffee produced in Cuba is world distinguished for its distinct taste and long-lasting taste. Coffee plantations on the hills of the Sierra del Rosario are, for instance, a place worth going to. They actually consist of a visitor center to read more about the history of coffee production. You can also have a Cuban coffee tasting, which is served black, in small cups.

Celebrations in Cuba

Brazil is not the only nation that understands its things when it comes to celebrations and celebrations. In reality, the calendar festival in Cuba is complete with interesting quotes: such as the Santiago Carnival, the Caribbean Festival (Carnival del Fuego) and The Easter Procession in Trinidad. The Feast del Fuego takes location every July in Santiago de Cuba and is fantastic. It has events with parades, fireworks, and lots of dancing. If you enjoy masquerades or festivals this is what to do in Cuba.

What to do in Cuba

Last but not least

Perhaps in my journey, the cigars and rum were not mentioned, but this does not mean you will not enjoy it! For any more suggestions or experiences in Cuba, share us your opinion. These were my places to visit in Cuba and I hope you enjoyed.

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