Valencia: Monuments & Attractions You Should Not Miss


Can I steal your attention and tell you everything about a wonderful city named Valencia? Learn the things to do there and places to be.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and a good destination for vacation in any time of the year. With a temperate climate, a remarkable historical heritage, modern buildings, and parks, you have everything you need for a busy and interesting trip. Learn more about the things to do there and how to get around.

Valencian Style

Valencia is a gastronomic paradise dotted with beautiful buildings in Valencian Baroque style. You can visit most of the attractions by feet, but I recommend you hop on a bus. There are daily tours around the city and here on Viator, you can find what best suits you. The transport (bus) is 1.20 euros and there are buses on every 5 minutes that will take you anywhere. While there, I found this app EMT Valencia which is really useful for following the routes.

In the city

In Valencia Spain, you will get to know the numerous fountains which are spread all over the country, same as museums, triumphal arches, and many other monuments. My first stop was the National Museum of Valencia which is breath taking. From the terrace, you can see almost the whole city, and for sure take an amazing photo while there.

Valencia Cathedral

Nearby is the famous “Plaza de Toros” where concerts and bull fights take place too often. Since it was a season of fights, I watched the whole spectacle and believe me, it was totally worth it. After the match Ricky Martin was playing, so ” I killed two birds with one stone”.

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La Malvarrosa

The beach in Valencia may not have crystal blue waters, but is definitely one of the best beaches I have visited. While being there, you will notice the energy and fun people have. Parents are building castles with their youngest, group of friends are drinking cold beer from the fridges, kites are in the sky, clowns nearby, and of course, sea food restaurants.


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Oceanographic is a whole another world, and if you are in the city, do not miss it at any cost. This water park brings to Valencia numerous of tourist regularly, and for a reason. Besides swimming with sharks, you can go to the water restaurant and take your afternoon lunch while fish and other water creatures are greeting you.

Valencia // Oceanografic

Penguins, turtles, butterflies, sea horses, seashells, and hippos are just a few of the animals you can see there. What I truly enjoyed the most was the dolphin show. Can you believe that these smart creatures will make your whole day better? The show lasts for about an hour and they perform tricks you cannot do.

Near by are also Hemispheric and the Science museum, so if you are in the mood for games and anatomy, go there as well.

What not to miss in Valencia


If time is not your best friend while being on this trip, it is best if you take a city tour or just choose the best one that will allow you to see most. However, do not miss the following destinations and monuments:

  • Llotja de la Seda – Gothic style civil building
  • Torres de Quart – 15 -century Gothic towers
  • Plaza de la Reina – Square with historic buildings and cafes
  • Albufera – If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect freshwater lagoon for you

Other facts

The nightlife in Valencia Spain is same everywhere around. Divine restaurants and cafes, young musicians playing on the streets and more intensive parties in the clubs. If you are not much of a party person, you can always go to the beach and watch a movie. Because people there do know how to have fun and be great hosts.


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