Panama City Tourist Attractions and What To Do In It

Panama City
Panama City

Panama City is great for traveling because of its many attractions. On your journey, you will find various things to do in Panama City.

On your vacation in Panama City, you will find countless tourist attractions. So many in fact, that you will definitely have to and want to come back in this beautiful city in Central America.

It takes place in the Pacific Ocean, in the Gulf of Panama. This city was found in 1519 and it’s the largest city of Panama. Its great culture, strong economic and financial life have to give a big thank you for the Panama Canal and its activity.

5 Places to See in Panama City

In addition to the canal, one of the best places to visit in Panama City is the “Panama Viejo”. Those are the ruins of the old city of Panama and counts as one of the most famous tourist attractions.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal
Panama Canal

The Panama Canal, initiated in 1914.It is the main tourist attraction of Panama City and a primary source of income. You can observe the operations of the channel through the terraces of the Visitor Center of the place where the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean

It Is the place where the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean separate. They are connected by three gates and three artificial lakes, that take place in a beautiful natural landscape. The Panama Canal is the eighth wonder of the world, which carries 14,000 ships a year.

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Old Panama – ”Panama Viejo”

Old Panama

This refers to the ruins of the old city of Panama. Found in 1519 and Inhabited until 1671. The reason for this was the attacks of the English pirate Henry Moran.

Panama Viejo was a stopover on the route of gold that the Spaniards took from America to Spain. Although it reached a great development, its location did not offer the best terms and the lack of clean water forced the construction of wells. The city was then moved 2 kilometers southwest of its old location, to what is now the old quarter of Panama City.

Panama Viejo suffered the abandonment for many years, but, little by little, it has recovered, becoming the second best tourist attractions of the city and definitely one of the “Must see” places in Panama City.

Panama Old Town – “Casco Viejo”


Surrounded by a thick stone wall with seven bastions, this area occupies important military, religious and civic buildings that are still in excellent condition. Among the most notable buildings to visit in Panama City among others are:

The baroque church of La Merced, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the House of the Municipality.

Amador Causeway

Amador Causeway

Amador Causeway is one of the most traditional walks and tourist attractions in the city. The islands of the causeway were formerly anchoring place for the Spanish galleons that carried the stolen gold to the Incas.

During World War I, the islands were part of the Canal defense against German and Japanese attacks. The road connects the four islets of the Panama Bay (Flamenco, Perico, Culebra, and Naos).

The causeway offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the ships waiting to transit the canal. La Calzada takes place next to the bridge of the U.S. and you can reach it by taxi or bus.

Financial District

Panama City

Although this is not a very famous tourist attractions in Panama City. The Financial District is the first thing you see from the bay, which consists of huge skyscrapers.

Modern buildings that lie around the area, along with numerous national and international banks, make up an elegant and luxurious district, also here lie the main hotels of the city. On the horizon stands the tower F & F Properties, which draws attention to its unique design.

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