Negril, Jamaica – How to Enjoy As A Local


Negril is definitely one of the most touristic cities in Jamaica. Widely known for the beach “Seven Mile”  this city gets crowded quite often.

If you have set an eye to Jamaica, you are definitely doing things right. In this brief article, find out how to enjoy the city.


Negril Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Negril is one of the most dazzling experiences you can have. The natural landscapes look like a colorful picture. There are coral reefs, beach bars, craft markets and a relaxed atmosphere.

The city is equipped with an excellent hotel infrastructure and has all the services for a perfect holiday. The varied activities cater for all tastes, from those who just want to relax and sunbathe to those who seek adventure and explore little-frequented areas or practice water sports.


Negril Lighthouse

The Negril lighthouse dates from 1894. Ever since 1985, this lighthouse has operated with solar energy. To get to the top of the lighthouse, you need to climb 103 steps. From there, you can enjoy the wonderful sunsets over the Caribbean Sea.

There are small caves around this lighthouse which are worth seeing. To get there, we suggest you do it by taxi or with a local guide, who knows the area well.


Rick’s Cafe

It is the most famous bar in Negril and one of the best in the Caribbean. Located on the cliff, this bar with reggae music offers, in addition to its Jamaican cocktails, beautiful views of the sea. Rick’s Cafe offers one of the most impressive tourism shows in Negril.


Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Although hidden, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a well of mineral water. The blue colored mineral waters are characteristic for this pearl.

Visitors who so wish can swim in the pool, even jump from the mouth, at a height of seven meters above the water, although there is only a ladder, as only security. Anyway, even if you do not plan on jumping, the place is very picturesque and worth knowing, as well as savoring some local dish in their restaurant.


Seven Miles Beach

It is the most famous beach in Negril and Jamaica, and one of the best in the world. Recognized for its natural beauties, turquoise waters and white sands, Seven Miles offers sunsets that will leave you breathless. This beautiful beach has free access and in the evenings, you can enjoy their live music parties, which set the mood for Negril night.

Bobby Cay Island


Located in front of Seven Miles, this small uninhabited island is a paradise for lovers of the sea and the sun. Almost deserted beaches places to enjoy a good plate of freshly caught lobsters. There are boats available to cross to the island, where you can also go scuba diving or snorkeling.

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