Mykonos Greece – The Greek’s Turquoise Pearl


Mykonos is the turquoise Greeks Pearl. Surrounded by a few Islands, this is the perfect stop for many tourist ships and of course tourists.

Mykonos is an amazing island offering many tourist attractions. Also, it is the perfect destination that can be combined with another Greek stop. Many tourists come throughout the whole year to visit this pearl. You will fall in love with the beauty and tranquility there. In addition, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and natural landscapes.


Mykonos Greece – The Perfect Tourist Destination

Mykonos has excellent connectivity. So, you can include it on a tour of other islands in the archipelago, either by ferry or by plane. Its airport connects directly with major European cities, making it very easy to reach. And if you want a cruise to the islands, Mykonos is a scale that everyone includes.


Old Town Mykonos

The picturesque old town is characterized by its intricate little streets and the exquisite white houses. There is the harbor, the Mills, and Little Venice, which are the most beautiful places on the island.

You can also find shops of fashion from the most famous brands, to shops where local products are sold, ideal for those who like to go shopping. But one of the reasons to see the old town in Mykonos is its beautiful balconies adorned with flowers, which give the city a springy and dreamy air.


Mykonos port

Located in the old town, the small picturesque harbor offers a landscape where the boats of the fishermen of Chora are mixed with luxurious tourist yachts. Also from there the small boats that run through Mykonos and the neighboring Delos leave.

Around the harbor are the best restaurants on the island, with beautiful views of the sea, where you can enjoy delicious typical food, accompanied by the magnificent local wines.

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Little Venice

Better known as Alefkandra, Little Venice is one of the best places to see in Mykonos. Located in the lower area of the capital, it was once the area where women used to wash their clothes. Its nickname, Little Venice, comes from houses built on water, considered the most beautiful area of the island. These houses were built that way because their basements served as a deposit for pirate booties.

These two or three houses with colorful wooden balconies were built in the 18th century and today many of them have been converted into very sought after accommodations by tourists. Other houses have become atelier of various artists who have settled on the island attracted by the fantastic sea views and the magical atmosphere that surrounds Little Venice.


Castle District

The Castro houses are a group of churches of Paraportianí. The most outstanding among the 400 churches located in the island. Also, the neighborhood is also composed of a set of medieval houses surrounded by a wall. To conclude, the set of Paraportianí is surrounded by five chapels, constructed from 1425.


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