Madrid Spain: Things to Do In Madrid

Madrid Spain

It is almost impossible to visit Madrid Spain fully. On our list, you will find the best things to do in Madrid if you are there for a few days.

As a great Real Madrid fan, I have been dreaming for stepping my feet on the grass and feel the energy and history for the past two decades. Luckily, this year I had a chance to go in Madrid Spain and visit Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and the whole city as well. If you are also passing there for a few days or more, these are the things to do in Madrid.


Madrid – Spain

The capital city of Spain has more than 7 million visitors per making it the number 1 destination in Europe by crowdedness. Partially it is because of Real Madrid, but Madrid- Spain also offers many monuments which are worth seeing. From here, now you can access the information of the best things to do in Madrid.

Things to Do In Madrid

Puerta del Sol

Madrid Spain

Puerta del Sol is an essential place to see in Madrid Spain. It is the main square in Madrid and the hub where tourists meet. Here you will almost always find people admiring its beautiful buildings, like Casa de Correos, the most famous building of all.

It is also worth noting the monuments that populate the square, such as the Bear and the Equestrian Statue of Carlos III or the Statue of Maridablance. And it is also one of the main commercial areas of the city. From there come several streets, all very busy and very commercial, by which you can stroll admiring one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Madrid.

Plaza Mayor de Madrid Spain

A few meters from Puerta del Sol is one of the main squares of Madrid and undoubtedly one of the most historic plazas. This is the Plaza Mayor, which for 400 years gives life to the center of the city with its spectacular reddish buildings, gray roof and porticoes among which stand out the House of Bakery and the House of Meat.

Royal Palace and the Cathedral of la Almudena

The two great monuments are worth visiting while in Madrid Spain. The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Kings of Spain although they do not live it in, it is used for official events and receptions.

In addition to admiring its beautiful great façade and its surroundings, we recommend visiting its interior by visiting different rooms such as the “Trone Room” or the “Dining Room”, as well as its Pharmacy or marble entrance staircase. Equally recommendable is to visit the gardens that surround it and that will not leave you indifferent, as well as the set that forms with the Cathedral of Almudena, located just opposite the main entrance of the palace. This palace – cathedral is unique and of incomparable beauty.

Gran Vía

In a journey of just over 2 kilometers, we can find the best of the typical architecture of Madrid. This axis will take you throughout its history and you will enjoy the best of the city. At one end of this axis is the Puerta de Alcalá, one of the most famous monuments in Madrid Spain and which fills all the postcards. It is close to the Plaza de Cibeles with its beautiful buildings that surround it and the famous Fuente de Cibeles in its center.

The Triangle of Art

In the triangle, we can find a lot of museums, art galleries, and exhibition in almost every neighborhood. It is in the Paseo del Prado where we find the 3 main museums in the city.

The Prado Museum is the most visited of all and one of the main art galleries in the world. Although there are also other types of art, in a minority way. The Thyssen – Bornemisza Museum represents the largest private collection of art you can find. The Queen Sofía Museum, dedicated to modern art, completes the triangle. Although as we said, there are museums and art according to each taste.

El Parque del Retiro

The park in Madrid Spain combines leisure, nature, rest, and monuments. There we find a lake with boats surrounded by centenary trees and a spectacular monument dedicated to Alfonso XII. But along the park, we find beautiful ornamental fountains and even places, such as the Crystal Palace, where we can almost always see some exhibition.

Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid Santiago Bernabeu

Whether you like football or not the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is one of the places to visit in Madrid. Its has more than 81,000 chairs and it was inaugurated in 1947. It is a home to many Real Madrid fans and if you go, do not miss a live game. Do the tour: you can see the exhibition of trophies, the stadium and the dressing rooms where the players prepare.

Transport and Accommodation

The public transport of Madrid Spain is excellent. A metro network reaches each neighborhood and modern buses cover the whole city. On this application EMT Madrid, you can find all the routes and can easily check when your bus will arrive.

In Madrid you can find a great range of hotels, motels, and apartments of all categories and prices. It all depends on where you want to stay.

Thank you for reading the things to do in Madrid and we wish you a nice stay while there.

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