How to Get Paid To Travel: 5 Jobs For Your Journey

How to Get Paid to Travel

Ah, work and travel… Can anything be better? – Not really. If you want to know how to get paid to travel, settle in. I tell you how.

Perhaps this morning you got tired of your office job and in fact, tired of you 9-5 life. If you have spent several years in one place, and you are tired of being at one place with same people but have a free spirit that was laid to rest the past few years, this is for you!

Who says that you need to be trapped with your boss for the rest of your life? Free your spirit, meet new people, work and travel. In this article, I tell you about 5 jobs that require travel or actually pay you for travels.

How to get paid to travel

Jobs That Require Travel

Now, there are a lot of jobs that require travel, but we should divide them into 2 separate categories: jobs that pay for traveling (long or short term) and humanitarian jobs.

If you are a person with a big heart who loves to help “third world countries” and has been wanting to go on a mission, you can easily find something for you. Is there a better way to meet humanitarians? – The smiles on people’s faces are priceless.

Anyways, if you are more into work and travel, you might want to consider making a personal blog and share your travel experience with others. Likewise, if you got any photography skills, you might just sell your photos, or again, post them on your blog.

How to get paid to travel

How to get paid to travel

Become an “IT Girl” or “IT Boy”

Now that is something like “Gossip Girl”. You have an “IT Person” who is been followed around everywhere. That could be you as well. Only the difference is, you will not have to be stalked by others, and you can work and travel.

Owning a personal blog has its pros and cons. Pros – you can earn big, as long as you have talent and dedicate yourself to traveling. Cons – it takes too much time becoming visible into the “blogging world”. I know it, you know it! It is not like many marketing agencies claim – Get likes and become rich in just one day… Yeah, right. Instead, you should dedicate time and let your friends support you. After all, it is one of the jobs that require travel and living good.

Freelance Writer and Photographer

If you are still in the search for jobs that require travel and the first one is just not right for you, this might be!

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Travel News

Since making a blog takes too much time, perhaps writing is more your thing. Companies around the world are searching for work and travel individuals. The only thing you actually do is work and travel and write your experience. Say What? – Yes, it is true. Before I started this blog, I was precisely doing that.

Travel Agent / Tourist Guide

These are two different work and travel jobs, but offer the same opportunities –“How to get paid to travel”. Now, this is a perfect opportunity for an outgoing person who loves to meet new people constantly and help them experience the best time.

You can find a cheap accommodation and explore the city for a few months, then save money and go somewhere else. It is a dream job, really.

Cruising Ship Job

How to Get Paid to Travel

How to get paid to travel? – Work on a cruising ship. You will meet people around the world, interact with them, and still travel the whole world. Cruising ships are always looking for personnel, but they have strict rules and working hours. If you have any of these skills, then you’ll be the perfect fit for this work and travel job.

  • Transmission technician, Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Cleaning and maintenance, Hotel Manager, Diving Instructor, Dancer, Artist, Waiter or waitress, Bartender, Massage Therapist, Sound Technician.

If you found your profession or skill, good luck applying!

Au Pair

This work and travel job is the perfect way how to get paid to travel. This, of course, if you enjoy being around kids, and taking care of them. The job usually additionally involves cleaning and cooking, so it is not exactly the dream job for many, but it might be for you.

Well, ladies and gentleman, there are the jobs that require travel and how to get paid to travel. If you have other suggestions, let us know.

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  1. Great article. I am a flight attendant and I am interested in blogging or even traveling. Any recommendations to get started?

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