The Most Beautiful Beaches In Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

If you want to know the paradise, you don’t have to wait for the afterlife. We bring you the most beautiful beaches in Phi Phi Island.

The paradise on earth has one name – Phi Phi Island. A sun-drenched turquoise sea, white sand, and amazing green vegetation make up the beaches of Phi Phi Thailand.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island – Thailand

This wonderful archipelago composed of two major islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Also of very small islands (Bida Nai, Bida Nok, Mai Phai or Bamboo Island and Yung or Mosquito Island) are home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The only inhabited island is Phi Phi Don. There, you can find restaurants for all tastes. From traditional Thai cuisine to the most varies cuisines in the world. Nightlife is another of the great attractions with lively parties in nightclubs and even some beaches.

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Maya Bay (Phi Phi Leh)

Phi Phi Island

Iconic like no other, Maya Bay has become the symbol among the perfect beaches. This small, charming cove dazzles us with the whiteness of its sands. The transparency of its waters and the overwhelming landscape of the limestone mountains, covered by vegetation and surrounded by amazing caves we can explore.

Phi Phi Island

Ton Sai Bay (in Phi Phi Don)

On this Thailand beach is the main port, which can be reached by ferry from Krabi or Phuket. On the bay is the most touristy area of the island, where most of the hotels are located.

The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and tourist establishments. However, the bay is very popular with tourists who want to enjoy the sea without leaving their hotels. South of the bay are the best dive sites on this Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island

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Lo Bakao Beach (in Phi Phi Don)

Located on the east coast of the island, this beach is sheltered from the winds during the monsoon season between May and November. The mountains serve as shelter from the west wind, so this beach always maintains its characteristic calm. This is why it is one of most perfect beaches.

phi phi island

Rantee Beach (in Phi Phi Don)

This is the perfect beach in Thailand to rest and swim without the crowds of Maya Bay or Ton Sai Bay. In addition, palm trees sway over the horizon while you enjoy a picnic in the shade or a relaxing sea bath. You can also meet some occasional fisherman who comes to the beach.

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