Barcelona Attractions: Things You Need to See & Try

Barcelona Attractions

The Barcelona attractions are like no place other. If you are planning to visit Barcelona Spain, here are the things you must see and do.

For sure there are hundreds of places and things to do in Barcelona. From my personal experience, there is not enough time to see everything in just a few days which is why you need to do your cardio on time. If you go place to place by feet, you will probably have to walk more than 15km daily.

Barcelona Attractions

Anyways, there are so many Barcelona attractions worth visiting. During your stay, you will hear the name Gaudi a lot, so you should know that he is the mastermind behind the constructions in Barcelona Spain and no other person will be able to create more outstanding works than him in the 21st century. Anyhow, I will tell you how it went my trip in a gorgeous cosmopolitan city craved in Gothic style.

Barcelona Attractions

Barcelona Attractions  

Since the whole city is built in Gothic style, there are a lot of Barcelona attractions for you to see.The first day I got there, I was tired and had only time to visit the nearest park which goes up from the “Museum of Arts”. Once you climb there, you will arrive straight to “Miramar Bar” where the food and service are amazing.

If you are a “view type of person” this is the perfect place for you. You can see the beach from above, and if you love a bit of adventure, go straight to the beach by cableway. It is a unique and memorable experience not worth missing.

After you arrive at the beach, you can save time and visit the Barcelona Aquarium which is truly amazing. Click here to see the prices and newest deals.

Barcelona Attractions 

Barceloneta Beach

The beach is truly amazing. I spent the day in the nearest bars, drinking cocktails and eating paella. If you enjoy sailing, you have a chance to go on a tour. While there, I made a booking for fishing through Airbnb. So, if you enjoy doing fun things on the beach, this is something you should not miss.

I left the Barcelona attractions for the next day since La Rambla is in the neighborhood. There you can get mixed up with the people, and take a cup of coffee or croissant in a small patisserie, as well as some mojitos. During the nights, there are parties everywhere. I never even planned to go to any concert, but since Daddy Yankee always gets your body moving, I bought the ticket.

The City

Fountains, cathedrals, and parks are everywhere around you. Likewise, there are people making soap balloons, clowns with unicycles, musicians, painters etc. This is the fun in Barcelona that everyone is talking about. There you can be unique and do whatever you want.

Barcelona Attractions

Anyways, let’s get back to the Barcelona attractions and things to do in Barcelona. While being near La Rambla, make sure you do not miss the Gothic cathedral of Santa Eulalia. This piece was constructed throughout the XIII to XV centuries. Despite being in shadow by “La Sagrada Familia” it is still worth checking out.

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Camp Nou

Although it does not exactly appear in Barcelona attractions list, football fans come all around the world to visit their “home”. Camp Nou is built in 1957 and it has become one of the greatest stadiums. There are fan shops near, as well as the official museum where you can spend hours. Since I am more of a cheering person, I will be back for a football match soon.

La Sagrada Familia


La Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous Barcelona attractions that has hundreds if not millions of visitors each month. It is the finest example of the modernist architecture created by Gaudi. Although it is still in building phrase, it is simply enormous and quite unique building I have seen by far. The tour inside per 2 hours costs 29.50 euro and it is totally worth it.

Other Things to do in Barcelona

Attractions in Barcelona

Besides these Barcelona attractions, you can check the place where Picasso went every day. Also, you should not miss his museum that contains his works. If you don’t know any more things do in Barcelona on the last day, visit “Park de la Ciutadella”. Nearby is also the Zoo, so you can have quality time wherever you decide to stay.

Personally, I enjoyed the park and the fountain, and since it was warm, there were a lot of people doing a picnic and playing instruments.

Believe me, Barcelona is gorgeous, and the Barcelona attractions are worth your time and money. If you know more things to do in Barcelona and more experiences, give us a notice. Until then, stay well.

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